City Departments

Contact Information by City Department:

Administration Department 402-873-5515
ADA Coordinator 402-873-5542
Building and Zoning (Building Inspector) 402-873-6509
Cemetery Department (Wyuka) 402-873-6552
Fire Department 402-873-3579
Golf Course (Wildwood) 402-873-3661
Library (Morton-James) 402-873-5609
Paramedics 402-873-3444
Parks Department 402-873-6917
Police Department 402-873-6666
Public Properties 402-873-3936
Recreation 402-873-5248
Street Department 402-873-3613
Wildwood Historic Home 402-873-6340

                                                                                       Confidentially report suspected fraud, waste, or vandalism to 402-873-5542.

City Mayor, Jack Hobbie
Provides Leadership to City Council; acts as council and city representative when meeting with state and federal agencies; attends ceremonial functions on behalf of the council and city

City Attorney, David Partsch
Responsible for City conforming to local, state, and federal laws and regulations

City Administrator, Joseph J. Johnson
Responsible for day-to-day administration of personnel, operations, and finances

City Clerk-Treasurer, Arnold M. Ehlers
Designated as the Finance Officer of the city and is responsible for all city and utility funds, official record-keeping, account management, special projects, and administrative staff

Police Chief, Dave Lacy
Responsible for leadership and daily operations of Police Department

Fire Chief, Alan Viox
Responsible for leadership of paid firefighters and Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department

Building Inspector, Alan Viox
Responsible for inspecting buildings/code enforcement

Paramedic Manager, Andrew Snodgrass
Responsible for Paramedic Operations

Public Properties Director, Dan Giittinger
Responsible for Streets, Parks, Golf, Recreation, Public Buildings and Cemetery Departments’ operations, Zoning Administrator and Flood Plain Manager

Library Director, Barbara Hegr
Responsible for library operations, including policy development for Library Board

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